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Facial Nerve Programs
Useful Programs, Software and Worksheets for Download

On this page you will find a host of useful materials for managing facial nerve patients. There are 3 standard programs for facial assessment, each with instructions. These are posted as zip files and can be instantly and safely downloaded. Each contains a description about what it does. In addition, there are worksheets available for download, including templates to assist in sketching facial nerve grafting cases, free tissue transfer cases to the face, botulinum toxin administration maps, facial nerve patient intake forms, FaCE quality of life instruments, etc. Peruse and download what might be useful!

Glasgow Facial Palsy Scale
This program is designed to utilize a standard video clip of a patient recovering from transient facial nerve praxia, to report the House-Brackmann Score. The report generated gives facial function by zone, and is analogous to an audiogram. Great for otologists following progress after skull base surgery with transient facial paresis. It is simple, quick, and has been shown to correlate highly with expert observers!!

More information and a video at:

MEEI FACE-gram program
This program allows one to extremely quickly calculate excursion of the eyebrow, the palpebral fissure width, the corner of the mouth, and the upper and lower lip. One can analyze a single photograph or compare a photograph at rest with one making a particular expression. Commisure excursion is reported as a vector, with x,y, and z coordinates and an angle. Useful after reanimation surgery as a reporter of commissure excursion!

Download include 2 files "MEEI_FaceGram.jar" and "MEEI_FaceGram.jar"

SunnyBrook Rapid Grading System
This program allows an observer to enter information about a patient’s function, and get the Sunnybrook score, the House Brackmann score, the Yanigahara score, amongst others, all with the click of a button. This permits comparisons of multiple studies which employ the different scales. One set of data provides them all instantly!

Downloads "Rapid_Grading_System.xls"

Facial Nerve Template PowerPoint

Contains two slides:

Slide 1. Suggested template for intraoperative schematics for nerve repair and nerve grafting cases.





Slide 2. Suggested template for muscle transfer cases.



Blank Map PowerPoint

Suggested botulinum toxin chemodenervation map. Drag the colored dots to the areas corresponding to injection sites, according to dose administered.


Fill in the Blanks Worksheet for Facial Nerve Exam

Suggested worksheet to carefully examine all aspects of facial function. Using this worksheet assures attention to each zone of the face.

Fillable Face Instrument

Automated quality of life instrument


Modified Face Instrument

Additional quality of life instrument







 Glasgow Facial Palsy Scale
 Facial Nerve Template PowerPoint
 Blank Map PowerPoint 







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