How To Look As Young As You Feel

Aging is an inevitable part of life and it is pointless trying to fight the hands of time. However just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that you must look tired.

Subtle changes can make a drastic difference and there are many procedures invented specifically with anti-aging in mind. Whether you are willing to have cosmetic surgery, or you would like something less invasive – you have a wide range of options.

Despite the variety, some treatments are more popular than others. Here are some of the most beneficial procedures available:


This is the number one, undisputed favorite for looking younger and is one of the most common procedures. It permanently removes eye-bag by extracting the fat stored below your eyes and tightening the surrounding skin.

This is perfect for people who struggle with genetic eye-bags or live a busy lifestyle with not much sleep. The procedure takes around a couple of hours and the best results appear from six months onwards.

Once healed, you will find your face youthfully transformed and looking refreshed every day.

Forehead Lift

How many times have you lifted your forehead and enjoyed the raised eyebrow, wide-eyed look it gave you? Well, imagine that being your face permanently.

It makes you look younger and it is natural enough that while you look better – it isn’t as obvious as a facelift. The procedure takes around two hours and the results will leave your forehead wrinkle-free with reduced brow creases and corrected hooded eyes.

You face will be open, fresh, and ready for the inevitable compliments you will be receiving.

Neck Lift

One of the biggest indicators of aging is sagging skin and nothing more so than the turkey neck that appears as you grow old. This can be one of the most effective treatments and you will be left looking far younger than if the treatment was on your face.

It takes around three hours and you will be left bandaged up, but with minimal scarring. Once healed you will have a jawline that could be underage.

Lip Augmentation

An unfortunate side effect of aging is thinning lips and with the current culture of lip plumping, it can make you look much older than it would have done previously. Receding lips will dramatically change your face and make the distance between your lips and nose much larger.

You can treat this with fillers, but they typically only last about six months. If you choose the surgical option, then it will last several years and will provide the most consistent result.

Chemical Peel

Over time the layers of collagen on your skin can start to show signs of aging. You can choose from a range of treatments with an ablative resurfacing being the most intense.

This procedure requires anesthesia but will leave your skin soft and youthful-looking.